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As an HR professional, you are tasked with finding the right people to work for your company. This includes managing employee-related queries and issues.

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Want to get a job in Human Resources? Taking up a job as a Recruiter will bring you great job satisfaction. This job would allow you to help people get their dream job.
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HR Administrator

Learn all you need to know about becoming an HR Administrator right here. Leap into an exciting career field! You never know what opportunities you may find along the way.
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HR Consultant

Becoming an HR Consultant is the right job for you if you love working with people. Find out everything you need to know and more to become very successful in this field.
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What is HR?

Human Resource (HR) refers to a person, or department dealing with everything employee-related.

This includes recruiting new staff and doing the payroll of employees. HR also deals with labour laws, making sure everyone adheres to it and finding new ways to improve them.

The HR department will manage the training of new staff. They will also make sure that every employee knows about their company benefits. These company benefits include sick leave, pension, etc.

Benefits of HR Careers 

There are many advantages of being an HR Professional. Below are just some of the benefits of this career field.


As an HR professional, you will be working with most, if not all departments in your company. You will gain a lot of knowledge and experience as you learn about the many processes in a company. You need to know a little about everything in your company.

Employee Satisfaction

HR professional work on employee-related matters. They strive to make sure that all employee issues are sorted out effectively. When workers are satisfied in the company, this allows for improved company spirit.

No two Days are the Same

The one day you could be working on the payroll of the workers, the next day you could be training new staff. Whatever it may be, you will never be stuck doing the same thing day to day This allows for an exciting working environment.

High Demand

Think you won’t find a job in this field? Think again. HR professionals are needed in most industries. So no need to worry about looking for a job. With enough training and experience, you could become successful in this career path.

Duties of HR Professionals

The duties of an HR professional vary from day to day. Below are some of the primary tasks an HR professional or department are responsible for are:

  • Conducting interviews
  • Recruiting new staff
  • Manage contract of staff
  • Training new and existing staff
  • Administer and improve labor laws in the company
  • Hiring and firing staff
  • Manage payroll
  • Keeping track of employee benefits
  • Ensuring employees know about benefits and company laws
  • Handling employee complaints

HR Careers

What HR Careers are There?

HR Manager

An HR manager will deal with the key functions in an HR department. This includes hiring and firing employees and improving company and individual laws.They also oversee the recruitment and training of new employees.

HR Administrator

Do you like HR and administration duties but you can’t decide which one to choose? Well with this job, you can do both. This job combines the responsibility of both fields. You will handle the documentation in the company as well as assist in the many other HR duties such as recruitment.

HR Consultant

As an HR consultant, you will be providing companies with advice on the current state of their HR. You will give them solutions on how to improve and how to adhere to company labour laws.

What Kind of Salaries do HR Careers Offer?

The salary of an HR professional will differ from industry to industry. Their salary will also depend on experience and position in the company. Below are some of the average monthly salaries for HR professionals.

  • HR Manager R28 724
  • Senior HR Manager R31 156
  • HR Administrator R13 069
  • HR Consultant R18 710

Skills Needed for HR Careers 

There are a variety of skills needed to thrive in this job. Not only are there key characteristics needed, you will also need to learn a variety of skills to be successful in this field. Below are some of the basic skills to be a good HR professional.

Technical Skills

These include the basic skills to be able to complete the duties in this field:

  • Organisational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to train employees and recruits
  • Digitally savvy
  • Ability to draw up budgets

Soft Skills

These include qualities needed to be successful in this career:

  • Ability to multitask
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Why is HR so Important?

Within any company, there will be issues and complaints by workers. As an HR professional, it is your duty to find solutions to these problems. Not only will your work boost company morale, it also contributes to the well-being of employees. When employees are happy, it boosts production making a company successful. You also ensure that employees know and take advantage of their benefits. Labour laws are important and protects not only the company but employees as well. Making sure that everyone adheres to them allows for a safe environment for all.

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Author: Charnell Ward

Last updated: May 7, 2020

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