Careers of the Future: What to Study now

Ready to make some big moves? There’s no better time than now! Prepare for success with these Careers of the Future: What to Study now. We give you the top careers of the future and which courses you can enrol for.

Worried about how secure your current career plans are? Have a look at these top careers of the future and what to study now to  prepare yourself fully for success. 

7 Top Careers of the Future and What to Study

The time to start planning for your career is now. Listed below are the top 7 careers of the future. 

Whether you are just out of high school or thinking of switching careers, knowing which careers will be in demand will make it easier to know which direction you should go into. 

  1. Environmental Sustainability
  2. Robotics 
  3. Healthcare 
  4. Business Analytics 
  5. Forensic Science 
  6. Computer Game Design 
  7. Cyber Security 

Environmental Sustainability

Our environment is facing some challenges. Global warming, climate change and pollution are just some of the issues that need to be addressed. 

Students who go into this field enter the workforce with the skills needed to protect our earth. 

What to Study

Want to try and save the world? Listed below are some of the courses you can enrol into: 

  • Degree programme in sustainability
  • Environmental science
  • Business science 
  • Law  


Robotics is expected to expand between 2019 and 2029. All industries make use of robotics. From healthcare right to business processes. 

Did you know that there are artificial bots that can assist with surgery?  

What to Study

Students who want to go into robotics will have to enrol for an engineering course. Your options are listed below: 

  • Mechanical, electrical and software engineering 


If covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that we need skilled healthcare workers. With the pandemic there will be a greater need for people in this sector. 

There are tons of fields you can specialise in. Working in a lab, a health researcher or becoming a nurse are all options. 

What to Study

Have a look at your study options listed below. You will notice that there is a variety of options available:

  • Public Health 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Nursing 
  • Dentistry 
  • Psychology  
A nurse and doctor taking a patients heartbeat. Have a look at the top careers of the future and what to study now.

Business Analytics

As social media and new apps in software continue to grow, so will the need for business analytics. Business analysers must be experienced in business theory as well as industry trends.  

What to Study

If you are analytical, enjoy working with current trends and predicting future trends then this career may be for you. Courses you should study are: 

Forensic Science

Ready to solve some crimes? Forensic science will always be in demand. Especially the modern technology that is used to investigate crimes. 

Forensic scientists use technology to examine and understand evidence that is found in cases. 

What to Study

Forensic courses are a little bit more difficult to come by. We offer the following forensic courses that you can enrol for via distance learning

Computer Game Design

Can you turn your love for gaming into a career? The answer is yes! Computer game design is a field that is expected to grow in the next decade.

Video game design is not just fun and games. There are also options in safety and military training game design. 

What to Study

Use your creativity to the fullest with this exciting career path! Listed below are course options available to you: 

Cyber Security

Cyber security is increasingly a concern for governments and big companies around the world. Your job will be to protect computer systems and revamp cyber security goals. 

You can find jobs with the government, healthcare firms and security firms.  

What to Study

We offer MTA fundamentals courses that specialise in cyber security. These courses build on each other and cover the basics to the most advanced skills. 

Now that you have an idea of the careers of the future and what to study now, you can get the ball rolling on your future career. 

Why not have a look at our distance learning options? You can study from the comfort of your home and experience our exclusive benefits. Your future begins now! 

Make Your Career Future-Proof

Want to enrol for one of our courses? Speak to a course consultant for more information. We’re ready to help: 

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Last Updated: February 4, 2021


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