Careers for Those With Good Communication Skills

Consider yourself a good communicator? Knowing your strengths can help you decide on a career path. Find out more about careers for those with good communication skills.

Are you good at communicating with others?  Knowing your strengths can help you decide on a career path. Read the information below to find out more about careers for those with good communication skills.

What are Communication Skills? 

Communication skills are the abilities you use when you give or receive information. It involves listening, speaking, observing and empathising. These skills can help you understand and be understood by others. Examples of ways to communicate include face-to-face meetings, phone conversations and email.

Types of Communication Skills 

There are different ways in which we share information with others. The four main categories are listed below. 


Verbal communication is the use of language to transfer words through speaking. This is the most common type of communication. It is often used during presentations, phone calls and meetings. 


This the use of body language, facial expressions and gestures to communicate. For example, smiling when you hear something nice or crossing your arms when upset.


This is the act of writing or typing symbols like numbers and letters to deliver information. It is often used to share information through books, letters and blogs. Emails and chats are also used to communicate in the workplace.


This is the use of art, sketches, drawings and photographs to convey information. Visuals are often used in presentations alongside written and/or verbal communication. This is an effective learning method for some people. 

Why are Communication Skills Important? 

Communication skills are needed in almost all aspects of life. We use communication everyday in all environments, whether it’s the workplace or home. Good communication skills can help you succeed in your career and build relationships.

Careers for Those With Good Communication Skills


Communication skills are important in most jobs. But there are some that are more dependent on them than others. If you are looking for a career where you get to use those skills the most, take a look at the following options:


Job opportunities in this career field are dependent on communication skills. The main aim is to be able to persuade others to buy a product or use a service. If you are good at using your words, this may be the career for you. 

Job titles:  

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There are many Careers for Those With Good Communication Skills. Find out more here.

Human Resource Management (HR) 

The main aim of an HR department is to manage employee relations. It also acts as a channel between employees and senior management. This is why communication skills are essential in this career field.

Job titles:  

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Office Admin and Management 

Strong communication skills are needed for a career in office admin and management. You need to deal with different types of people daily. You also have a range of duties, such as answering phones and arranging meetings.

Job titles:  

You can learn more about these career fields from our Office Administration and Management Courses.

Childcare and Educare

Working in childcare is all about communication. Whether you are looking after children while parents are at work, or teaching in a classroom. You need to be able to communicate well with children, and also their parents. 

Job titles:  

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Last Updated: 2 December 2021