Career Without Matric

There are courses you can do that will allow you to have a Career Without Matric. That’s right, you can still have a bright future without having a matric certificate.

Career Without Matric

Don’t have matric? No problem, you can still have a thriving successful career without matric. There are plenty of jobs available that don’t require matric. If you would like to get your matric certificate, you can with our Adult Matric course. 

Is Matric Needed? 

A matric certificate is an accredited certificate of completion. This means that once you have successfully completed your matric, you will receive it. Matric certificates are seen as physical evidence of your credibility and dedication to your studies. It is important to know that you can still have a successful life and career without getting your matric certificate. 

Can I Have a Career Without Matric? 

Yes, it is possible to start your career without matric. You will start at an entry level position. Check the requirements with the company you plan on working for. Most businesses prefer employees to have a matric certificate for credibility purposes. It is suggested that even if you don’t have matric, you should at least have any other certifications on your CV. This will increase your credibility. 

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How to Start a Career Without Matric?

Not having a matric certificate is just a minor bump in the road. You just need some direction on where to start. Once you have a job you can build yourself up from there. This means you can try and study when you have established yourself in your career.

Short Course 

A short course is a quick way to get the skills you need. You won’t have to spend years studying. This gives you the opportunity to get a head start in your career. So once you have completed your short courses, you can start working your way up in your job. 

Go Into the Trade Industry

Oftentimes, the trade industry will give you a job so you can learn a skill. These skills are in the form of manual labour. Industries such as factory work, construction and waitressing don’t usually require a matric certificate. Remember to check with your potential employer about the requirements. 

Get an Internship 

Internships are perfect to get a foot in the door. It will give you the skills and training that are needed for a job.  Although most learnerships don’t pay you, you can make use of the skills you will get. Make use of the internet and find out about learnerships in and around your area. 

Can I Work for the Government Without Matric? 

Matric certificates are government awarded certificates. It is unlikely that you will be able to get a job in the government without a matric certificate. However the government does offer you several educational opportunities

Reasons why you Don’t Have a Matric

Sometimes in life things are out of your control. Therefore making it understandable if you don’t have a matric certificate. This doesn’t mean you can’t become successful and achieve a matric certificate. 

Can’t Perform Academically 

Everyone learns differently which is why most people drop out of school. Being unable to perform academically can be discouraging. That’s why we understand if it’s the reason why you dropped out of school before getting your matric certificate.

Having to Work 

Many students leave school because they need to help support their families financially. So you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. Leaving school to work and help your family is an honourable thing. 

Studying Without Matric – Is it Possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Knowing where to study without a matric certificate is the trick. There are certain institutions that will allow you to further your studies, without having a matric certificate. Skills Academy is one of these institutions.

Courses That Don’t Need Matric 

With us you can gain a valuable skill and knowledge without the need for a matric certificate. We have this opportunity because we strongly believe that everyone has the right to an education. Have a look at how our provider programmes can help you. 

Entry Requirements 

Our provider programmes are an educational opportunity for everyone. Therefore we only have one entry requirement. You have to be able to read and write in English. It is that simple! 

Adult Matric 

If you are 21 and older, able to read and write in English, then our Adult Matric course is for you. This course aims to help you get your matric certificate. It is all done in partnership with Matric College

Getting a Matric Certificate via Distance Learning

With us you can get your matric certificate via distance learning. This is to give you the opportunity to better yourself. That’s right, in partnership with Matric College we have a Matric Upgrade course just for you. All you need is to be motivated and work hard. 

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Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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