Career Development 2021

It’s your time to shine! Use the new year for Career Development 2021. We give you some tips to reach your full potential. This includes things like finding a mentor, creating a schedule and setting goals.

It’s a new year which means it’s the perfect time to focus on improving your career. 2020 might be behind us, but its effect on our economy will be felt for many years to come. Here are some career development 2021 tips to ensure you don’t feel the pinch. 

What is Career Development?

Not entirely sure what is meant with career development? It’s really simple. Career development is the process of: 

  1. Choosing a career 
  2. Improving your skills
  3. Advancing your career path 

There are many ways to develop your career. The most effective being improving your skill set. This can be done through a set of short courses, online classes and free workshops. 

6 Career Development Tips for 2021

While things are looking better than last year, we are not in the clear yet. Rumours of more lockdown restrictions are swirling and we are well into our second wave of covid-19 cases. This all has a negative impact on our economy and how professionals are coping. 

Listed below are career development 2021 tips that are geared towards helping you manage the stress of a global pandemic, as well as the desire to reach your goals

Get the Right Mindset 

Before taking on the task of developing your career, first make sure you are in the right frame of mind. Make a list of accomplishments and challenges you faced in 2020. If there were any obstacles, identify how you will overcome these in future. Remember, a new year is an opportunity to start on a blank page. You got this! 

Find Support 

Now more than ever it is important to reach out to colleagues, mentors and friends for support. Research networking tips and see how you can apply these. It might be a good idea to seek out a professional mentor at work. Discuss your career goals with them and find out how they can assist you in your journey. 

Keep up With the Times 

The way we communicate and interact in the workplace is changing daily. Make sure you are skilled in current trends. If not there are a few basic courses available that will ensure you are in the loop. Some of these could include a computer course, management course or administration courses

A man working on his career goals with his mentor via skype. Get our Career Development 2021 tips right here.

Set Goals and a Plan to Achieve Them 

Nothing is as valuable as setting goals and creating a schedule to help you stick to them. Goals keep you focused and motivated to your career development. If you are unsure how to set goals have a look here for more information. Your goals should always be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. 

Develop a Timeline

Since you are focused on career development for 2021, you only have 12 months to reach your goals. This is why your schedule will play such a major role in achieving success. For each month write an accomplishment or milestone you would like to reach. Remember, after the year you just had it is also okay to give yourself some time off.

Write it Down

Buy a notebook that is easy to use and carry around. Use this to write down your goals, your timeline and some short courses you would like to enrol for this year. Make a career development 2021 checklist. As the year progresses, return to this list and see how far you have come. You can also make changes where necessary. 

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Make 2021 your best year yet! 

Make 2021 Yours! 

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Last Updated: 4 February 2021