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Colleges in Cape Town provides you with various study options in which you can further your education, and become a professional in your chosen field.

Enhance your skills and boost your career by enrolling into one of the many Cape Town Colleges available to students. These colleges offer courses that are sure to teach you all the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the successful career of graduates.

Colleges Available in Cape Town


There is a wide array of colleges in which you can study and achieve your qualification. These colleges provide you with all the skills needed to be successful in your chosen field. Below is a list of some of the Cape Town Colleges available to you.

Study Options


The colleges above all specialise in their own way of teaching. While some implement a variety of teaching methods, others have stuck to one teaching method, which they have perfected over the years, such as offering distance learning courses. Below you will find a list of some of the most common forms of studying:

Full-time Courses

This is the option most students go for. Students who do not work and have just matriculated usually choose full-time studying. Full-time students attend classes at a campus. They have a set timetable of which classes to attend and they need to meet the deadline for assignments and exams. Each course has a course length, and in which you need to stick to. Since you have in-classroom training, you are able to consult with lecturers and tutors face-to-face.

Part-time Courses

Would you like to further your education, but daily responsibilities and a full-time job is in your way? Then you can consider part-time classes. These in-classroom learning courses are usually offered after hours, for a set time. As you have fewer classes a week, part-time studies take longer to complete. You can also complete your post-graduate studies part-time.

Online Learning 

Online learning combines classes and distance learning, creating virtual classrooms. You can study from the comfort of your home. You need to log on to classes via an online platform, where you will be taught online. Even though you can study from home, or any place of your choice, you still have a timetable you need to stick to. 

Distance Learning

Distance Learning has become the preferred way of studying recently. It is the complete opposite of full-time learning. There is no in-classroom learning, saving you time and money spent on travelling. Distance learning courses are also more affordable and easier to register to, as it does not have strict entry requirements like most higher learning institutions.

Get all the skills you need by studying with one of the many Cape Town Colleges

What to Study


Cape Town Colleges offer a wide range of courses you can study. These courses aim to teach you skills in a wide variety of industries. There is a shortage of skills in the country, and the courses offered ensure that everyone is able to have a successful career in the field of their choice. Below you will find a list of courses you can study, all of which are offered through distance learning.

National Diploma Courses

Learn all the skills needed with our accredited nated courses. These courses range from levels N4 – N6. With each certificate completed, you will receive a qualification. After successfully completing all 3 courses, you will receive your national diploma. 

To register for a nated course you will need to have your matric certificate or N4 equivalent. You should also have the ability to read, write and understand English, as all your coursework will be given in this language.

ICB Courses

Do you see yourself as an accounting professional, with the ability to start a lucrative business? Then ICB Courses is the perfect option for you. ICB Courses will teach you the basic yet practical skills needed to be successful in the finance industry. You do not need any prior experience or subjects. These courses teach you the fundamentals of finance, from working with statements, taxes and general ledgers. ICB Courses also has courses that will teach you how to run a business effectively.

The only requirement needed to register for this course is the ability to read, write and understand English, as the course is offered in English.

Study Without Matric

Don’t have matric? With us, you can still study without matric. We offer provider programmes that will teach you the skills needed in a wide variety of fields. The courses range from short courses to comprehensive certificates, advancing your knowledge as your progress from one level to another.

Get Your Matric

Here is your chance to get your matric certificate or improve your pass. We offer matric programmes, which is the first step you can take to reach your academic goals. To enrol, you need to be 21 years and older and be able to read, write and understand English. These programmes are:

  • Matric Upgrade – This programme allows you to redo subjects in which you didn’t fare too well, improving your matric pass.
  • Adult Matric – Dropped out of high school? No worries, with this programme, you are able to complete your matric and receive your certificate.

Benefits of Distance Learning


There are many benefits of distance learning. Not only are you able to study from the comfort of your home, you also choose when you want to study, having full control or your education. 

Skills Academy also has exclusive benefits offered to their students. These include:

  • 30 day money back guarantee within 30 days after registration if you aren’t happy with our services
  • No credit checks
  • Pay only for the months studied with us

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Last Updated: 21 June 2022



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