Can I Study Accounting Without Matric?

Wondering if you can Study Accounting Without Matric? Learn everything you need to know and more on how to start a career as an accounting professional.

So you’ve set your mind on having a career as an accountant, complete with corner office and Monday morning meetings? You can achieve all this and more, even if you don’t have matric. No more wondering if you can Study Accounting Without Matric. We have all the info right here.

Is it Possible to Study Accounting Without Matric?

Yes! You can most definitely study accounting without matric. Gone are the days where your matric certificate was the only ticket to higher education. There are a wide range of accounting careers you can pursue without a grade 12 certificate. 

What Accounting Courses are Available Without Matric?

So you’ve decided to dive into the life of general ledgers and tax? It’s one of the best decisions you can make. A career in this field offers job security, opportunities, as well as a high income. Take the first step into this industry by studying a course. Accounting courses you can study without matric include: 


Study a course that will take you straight to the top of the short list. Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) courses are finance and business related accounting courses. With ICB, you can manage the finances of a company, as well as learn the skills to start your own business. Start your career as an accountant with our ICB Bridging Course

ICB courses you can study without matric includes:

Are Accounting Courses Accredited?

Our ICB courses are accredited. ICB courses are accredited by the QCTO and have met the standard set by the NQF. The standards of these courses are high, offering quality education without matric. You stand a better chance of becoming employed with an accredited course.

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Woman holding a chart showing the sales for the month. Find out if you can Study Accounting Without Matric right here.

Where to Study Accounting Without Matric

Now that you know you can study accounting without matric, you need to settle down and find the right place to study. There are quite a few colleges to choose from. Make sure it fulfills your study needs before applying to a college. You can enrol at:

  • FET Colleges – What better way to study and gain work experience at the same time? FET colleges allow you to work in the industry you are studying in as part of your practical.
  • Online Courses – Step into the future with online courses. Here you will attend online classes with your lecturer. It is the perfect combination of traditional learning and the virtual space.
  • Distance Learning – Enrol with a college that allows you to hold your education in your hands. Study accounting without matric at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. 

Soft Skills Every Successful Accountant Needs

Your technical skills as an accountant will ensure that you are able to complete your basic duties at work. However, it is your soft skills that will make sure that you are a cut above the rest. Soft skills every accountant needs are:

Analytical Skills – Use your analytical skills to make accurate calculations. Analyse huge figures by breaking them up into smaller amounts and interpreting them.

Organisational Skills – Stay up to date with all your books using your organisational skills. It also helps you manage your time effectively so you can stick to your deadlines.

Decision-Making Skills – As an accountant, you are required to make important decisions about sales and finances. These decisions have a direct impact on the success of the company.

Problem-Solving Skills – So you’ve come up short and need to solve this problem? Use your problem-solving skills to find solutions and double your sales and profit at the end of the month.

Can I Study Accounting Without Maths?

With Skills Academy, you don’t need any prior subjects or maths to study accounting with us. Although you need to love maths to start a career in this field, we will teach you all the skills you need to be successful. There are no strict requirements to study with us. All you need is to be able to read, write and understand English.

Woman doing research on a laptop, trying to find out if she can Study Accounting Without Matric.

Are Accounting Courses Difficult Without Matric?

Each course comes with its own challenges. And it becomes even more difficult when you study without matric. At times, it may seem as if the odds are stacked against you. But rest assured. Studying without matric is no different. We believe everyone has a right to equal, quality education. With determination and motivation, you can still reach the top of the corporate ladder.

How to get a job as an Accountant Without Matric

When you don’t have matric, you need to work even harder to land the job you’ve always wanted. It is, however, possible to become an esteemed accountant. 

Write a Stellar CV

Before you can start your career, you need to be called in for an interview first. Make this happen when you create a stellar CV. Prove that you are the right person for the job.

Highlight Your Strengths in Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter gives recruiters an insight of who you are, before meeting you. Make up for the lack of matric by highlighting your strengths and skills in your cover letter.

Get an Entry Level job

To reach the top, you need to start at the bottom. To be a successful accountant could take years. Don’t let that stop you from pursuing this career. All your hard work will pay off in the end.

Study a Course

No matric? No problem. Study an accounting course and show recruiters that you have what it takes to make it big. Learn the skills you need to perform the basic functions of accounting.

Round off to Success With our Accounting Courses

Don’t let the lack of a matric certificate stand in your way of being an accountant. You can still have a successful career without matric. Speak to a course consultant on how to get started. You can:

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Last Updated: 20 April 2023