Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur?

Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur? With our Entrepreneurship Courses you can get the necessary skills to start your own business. Get started and build your empire!

Do you march to the beat of your own drum and does the idea of a normal 9-5 office job put you to sleep? Becoming your own boss could be the way to go. You might be asking yourself, “Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur?”. Let’s find out!

How do I get Started as an Entrepreneur: Step by Step

So you’ve decided to take the leap and start your own business. But, how does one get started? Starting your business does not need to be scary. Below are some steps that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.  

Find the Right Business for you 

It’s easy to get lost in the hype of a business idea, but the truth is you can’t just hop onto everything that sounds good. Play to your strengths and identify what you’re passionate about. Your enthusiasm will trickle down to your customers and they’ll remain loyal. 

Determine if you Should get an Education

Being an entrepreneur is hard work! If you’re a beginner you may start feeling overwhelmed with all the obstacles you’ll face. To avoid this enrol into an entrepreneurship course. You’ll get aided with all the knowledge to help you manage finances, staff and networking. 

Plan Your Business

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Yes, we understand that you’re eager to get going. But use that energy to work out a knockout business plan. A good business plan can also assist with getting bank loans and investors.  

Find Your Target Group 

Who are your customers? Do they like easy Sunday afternoons or a Friday night out? Start thinking like your target market and you’ll be able to speak to their needs in no time! Identify their age, gender, financial status and other important factors. 


Sometimes it comes down to who you know, not what you know. Feel a little uneasy about your communication skills? All our courses offer Business English as a module. Enrol and you’ll always know what to say when the time comes. 


Customers are bombarded with products and services daily. To make your business stand out, you need to find a marketing plan that works for you. Spruce up your marketing skills with our marketing management course.  

How do I Become an Entrepreneur With no Money?

Is it possible to become an entrepreneur with no money? Well, sort of. Your start will be a little bit more challenging. Capital allows you to rent in a good location, hire people and source good products. If money is an issue, why not start small?In fact, starting a business online is very affordable, so you might want to look into that. 

Three women in aprons working in their coffee shop. Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur? With our courses you can get all the skills needed to start your small business.

The Qualities of an Entrepreneur

You’re asking, “Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur?”. And it’s a bit of a tricky question. To help answer this we’ve created a list of qualities that entrepreneurs should have. These qualities make the bumpy road to success a little easier to navigate. 


Entrepreneurs should be out the box thinkers. Creativity helps with problem solving, marketing and unique products. It’s an essential part to being a successful entrepreneur.  


You’ll be the driving force behind your business. So you need to believe in it! If you are passionate, you’ll stop at nothing to succeed. 


Some days will be tougher than others. When these challenges occur, will you be motivated enough to find solutions or will you cover your head under the blankets and hide?


As an entrepreneur, you’ll be responsible for all decision-making within your business. Are you decisive, clear and open to collaboration when it comes to choices? 


Your vision will steer your business. With no vision, you’ll be working towards nothing. Make sure that you’re clear with what you want to achieve. 


Things change all the time and so do the behaviour of customers. When this happens, you need to be quick on your feet and adapt to trends. 

Ability to Network

No business can stand on an island. You need others to make a success of things. If you’re friendly, open and confident this won’t be a problem.  

Money Management

In order for your business to succeed you do need to manage your money well. If financial management is not your thing, you can always enrol into a short course to gain the needed skills. 

A client making a payment in a store. Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur? With our Entrepreneurship Courses you can start your own small business too!

Top Business Ideas

Becoming an entrepreneur is a daunting task. There’s a lot of weight on your shoulders to succeed. If you’re still struggling to find a business idea, why not give the following picks a go? 

Thrifting – People thrift for different reasons: it’s trendy, eco-friendly and affordable. Speak to these needs and open your own vintage heaven. 

Baking- Do you have the perfect red velvet cake recipe and know how to make a killer cupcake? Why not start a baking business. People are always on the lookout for yummy treats. 

Freelance Work – If you are good at writing, why not start a freelancing business? You can offer your services to high school and college students. 

Food Truck – Food truck’s are the hip new thing. Start a hotdog food truck or create some impressive sandwiches. As long as people need to eat, you’ll have business. 

Cleaning Services- If you start a cleaning business, you can work in people’s homes or be the clean up crew for events. You’ll also contribute to job creation which is a plus.

Entrepreneurial Courses

Going into business on your own is a whole new experience. You need all the help you can get! Enrol into an Entrepreneur Course and gain all the skills needed to face your new venture head on. Our courses are listed below:

These are all ICB Courses which are very valuable within the business world. To enrol for these all you need is your Grade 11 qualification. Making it possible for students without matric to study further. 

Benefits of Studying With Skills Academy

At Skills Academy we encourage your big dreaming and want to do everything in our power to help you get there! With us, you get:

Let’s start laying the foundation for those dreams. We’ll get you there with our world-class education.  

Build Your Dreams Today. Become Your own Boss!

Take the risk and start your own business. Become an entrepreneur and learn all the needed skills with our ICB Courses. Get started today! Contact us on:

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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