Business Management Studies

What makes the Skills Academy Faculty of Business management Studies unique?

Our business management studies are geared towards students who are currently in the workplace and would like to pursue that coveted promotion by gaining a qualification or anyone who would simply like to formalise their qualifications.

Our programs provide feasible and attainable opportunities for education for people who need to work full time. Skills Academy’s Business qualifications will empower you to succeed in the competitive and lucrative corporate world.

Improve your career prospects with a number of different business fields from Skills Academy:

Study With The ICB

Here is a list of the different fields that you can study at the ICB:


What is the Skills Academy Faculty of Business Studies?

The Skills Academy Business Faculty forms part of the Skills Academy distance learning college and offers students a number of dynamic and diverse business qualifications. These courses are designed to provide students with cutting edge knowledge and a practical understanding of their chosen field.

The faculty runs a large range of business subjects for the student who wants to pursue a career in the business and office administration sector. Courses range from small business managementproject management and business accounting programs.

The Skills Academy Business Faculty also offers courses which are geared towards a creative and marketing oriented business career, such as with Tourism Management and Marketing Management programs.

business management studies

Last updated: December 13th 2017

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