Business Management Courses

Ready to climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top? Advance your career with one of our Business Management Courses to give yourself a competitive edge. You will learn valuable skills you can apply to almost any industry.

We Offer the Following Business Management Courses: 

Business Management Courses: 

Business Management N4

The N4 course gives you the basics of Business Management. This course includes a range of subjects with a wide range of skills from Management Communication to Introductory Accounting. This starting point for your diploma.

Business Management N5

Each subject in this course gives you more of the essential skills you will need in any one of the different careers you can get into once you finish you National Diploma in Business Management.

Business Management N6

The N6 Course is the last course on your way to that 100% accredited Diploma in Business Management. This course adds more knowledge to subjects you’ve taken in Business Management N4 and N5 and adds the subject Cost and Management Accounting.

Marketing Management Courses: 

Marketing Management N4

The N4 course is the first step into the amazing world of marketing. This course will give you all the basic skills you need for a career in Advertising, Sales, Branding, Public Relations, and many other positions.

Marketing Management N5

This is the second step in receiving your National Diploma. In this certificate course, you will not only learn the basics but you will also learn all about the Sales Management part of marketing.

Marketing Management N6

This is the last course you need to do for your National Diploma in Marketing Management. Once you finish this certificate you will need to do your 18 months of practical work and then the diploma will be yours.

Small Business Management Courses:

Small Business Management Short Course

The Small Business Management short course is made up of two subjects which briefly cover the basics of starting and running your own business successfully.

Small Business Management Certificate Course

This is our standard course for this career path. Here you will learn the essentials of small business management as well as problem-solving skills.

Small Business Management Comprehensive Certificate Course

This is our most advanced small business course which equips you with budgeting, problem-solving and business etiquette basics.

ICB Business Management Courses:

ICB National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

The ICB National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management is a nine-month course and is made up of four subjects.

ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting

The ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting is a 36-month course and is made up of 13 subjects.

ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration

The ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration is a 26-month course and is made up of nine subjects. Perfect for someone that wants to build a career in the field.

What is Business Management?

The success of a business depends on the passionate people who manages it. These passionate people are usually responsible for managing a group of talented individuals, to get them to perform to the best of their ability to drive the company to success. Business management requires hard work and it is often a  skill only a few can master. That doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved. So much goes into business management. It consists of a little bit of analysing, organising and planning. If you lack these skills, you can easily learn them through multiple Business Management Courses. 


Reasons to enroll in our Business Management Courses

Studying one of our Business Management Courses could open many doors for you. You can work for a business of any size, or even start your own with this qualification. Many lack business management skills, but skills can be taught. With enough experience and the proper training or education, you can become a successful business manager. 

Gain effective management skills

There are several benefits of enrolling into a Business Management course. To gain effective management skills is one of the reasons you should consider it. So many people in managerial positions lack the management and leadership skills. Invest in yourself and pick up management skills that will benefit you and your company. 

Pick up transferable skills

Never give up on an opportunity that allows you to add to your skill set. Our distance learning Business Management Courses will help you sharpen your transferable skills. The great thing about these skills is that they are highly valued by recruiters, and you can apply them to any role or industry. This includes communication skills, adaptability, organisational skills, and computer literacy. 

Chance to earn a respectable income

If earning a respectable income is one of the ways you measure success, then you might want to consider becoming a business manager. Keep in mind that there are many factors that may influence your salary. This includes responsibilities, experience, and the company you work for.

Give yourself a competitive edge

Want to stand out from your peers? The job market is quite competitive, but there are ways you can separate yourself from the others. You can highlight your dedication to this career field by enrolling in one of our Business Management Courses. 

Find employment in any industry

The great thing about this field of study? You can find employment in just about any industry. Every business needs a manager to help the company reach goals and to effectively manage staff. With our Business Management Courses and your experience, you can become an expert in any industry. 

What skills do I need for business management?

The labour market is highly competitive. The best way to make yourself more appealing to employers is to seek out the skills they value most. Skills in the business management profession will vary role to role, and they’re also dependent on the company. However, there are universal skills you can apply to this profession to make yourself more employable. These skills also apply to business owners or entrepreneurs. 



The number one requirement for any business management or managerial position is leadership qualities. How well your team performs depends on how you motivate them. Excellent leadership includes giving your team the opportunity to learn and grow.


Taking up any managerial position requires you to take on more responsibilities.Not only are business managers responsible for the success of their company, they are also responsible for their employees. To successfully manage a business, managers have to oversee their employees and assign them tasks that will bring out their strengths. 


Negotiation skills

To succeed as a business manager, you need strong negotiation skills. You will work with investors, suppliers, customers and employees every day. There will be days where you have to discuss terms of contracts. Make sure to practice strong negotiation skills to come up with a solution that will benefit both parties


Effective communication 

A manager’s day-to-day life consists of interacting with others. This includes meeting with clients or suppliers, and interacting with employees. Business managers need to have top-notch verbal skills to effectively give instructions and feedback. Apart from impeccable verbal communication skills, they also need to be attentive listeners. 



It’s time to let go of indecisiveness and become confident in your decision-making skills. A lot goes into decision-making. This task requires evaluating options to find a better solution for the business or all parties involved. 

Career as a Business Manager

Our Business Management courses are sure to teach you all the skills needed to become a Business Manager. You will be equipped with all the knowledge to turn any business into a success. Start an exciting and fulfilling career in this field today. 

What are the advantages of studying business management via distance learning with us?

There are multiple pros and cons of distance learning. Many consider not attending class or having classmates as a disadvantage. We’ve looked at the cons and came up with ways to turn them into pros to make your life a lot simpler. 

1. Helpful tutors

Although you don’t have to attend classes or get to see your lecturers in person, you will still have access to them via Whatsapp and email.Use the opportunity to ask them about feedback relating to your assignments and all your study-related queries. If you’re stuck on certain areas of your student manual, ask your helpful tutors for assistance instead of struggling with it by yourself. 


2. Community support 

Connect with your classmates online. We offer all our students access to study groups. By engaging online with your classmates you can solve difficult study-related queries and even share study tips online. Online support will also help you cope with study and exam stress a lot better. 


3. Study at your own pace

There’s no rush to keep up with the rest of the class, or to slow down for them. Since you’re a distance learner, you will have the opportunity to study at your own pace. You can work through your coursework at your preferred pace. And figure out study methods you find most effective. 


4. Earn while you learn 

You no longer have to choose between working and studying. Why not do both? Since you won’t be attending class, you can still work on a full-time basis. Our distance learners enjoy the luxury of still earning a living and studying to improve their quality of life. 


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