Benefits of Joining a Professional Association

Professional associations give its members the power to make real change in their line of work. But, that is just one of many benefits of joining a professional association.

Benefits of Joining a Professional Association

Have you ever wondered what is it about people who are members of an association that makes them look good on job applications? Professional associations give its members the power to make real change in their line of work. But, that is just one of  many benefits of joining a professional association.

Should I join a Professional Association?

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If your goal is to further your career and make meaningful connections, then the answer is yes. Professional associations are like a home away from home. They give you a sense of security and belonging in your career. Joining a professional association comes with incredible benefits. Furthermore, it makes your professional life that much more easier and smooth sailing. You will get help as a member through networking and research. You’ll also get exclusive access to a number of resources.

The best part is, almost all these associations have memberships for students! So, as a student and a member of a professional association, you get a holistic view of your career. The relationships you will create will be a huge help when you complete your studies! So yes, you should join a professional association.

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Professional Association?

Joining a professional association is one of the greatest things you could do. For your personal growth and career. You will be a member of a community that wants to improve your professional life.

Studying our ICB courses will give you a chance to be a member of the ICBA (The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants). Or if you prefer to be on the managerial side of things, you can take our CIMA courses. CIMA is globally recognised. That means you will be able to work anywhere in the world. If you wish to move overseas and still have a job, CIMA is a way to go.

Let’s look at other benefits of joining a professional association:

Internships and Job Opportunities

Companies often advertise a list of available job posts on the association’s website. This is because they have a preference for the members. Like we said, being a part of a professional association opens you up to a world of opportunities!

Opportunity to Network

You will get a chance to interact with a lot of important people in your profession. These people could be holding higher positions in their respective companies. The most important thing about joining these associations is the relationships you build. And these relationships increase your chances of finding employment opportunities.

Gain Access to Exclusive Resources

These associations often have “members only” sections. They could either be information to help you within your job or special subscriptions. Or they could be articles, case studies and journals specific to your profession. They’re not open to the public and can be very important in your career.

Professional Development

Some careers, like accounting, require a person to have some sort of licensing to be fully qualified. Joining the association such as ICBA can grant you that license. They also provide you with credibility. As a result, employees would prefer you over someone who isn’t a member of any association.

These are a few of the many benefits of joining a professional association. Associations give you a world of opportunities and recognition. You’ll also feel like you have a family in your line of work, looking out for you!

Why do Employers Value Your Membership in Professional Organizations?

Now that you know the benefits of joining a professional association, let’s talk about the value your membership has on employers. So,employers value employees with membership in professional associations because this shows you are serious about your professional development. It is solid proof that you do not take your career as just a job, but have long term investment aspirations. To an employer, nothing says, “I’m an investment” louder than being a member of a professional association! Below is a list of professional associations in South Africa:

Study With Skills Academy and be a Member of an Association!

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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