Benefits of Home Study

Home Study comes packed with its own fair share of benefits. Learn more bout them here.

Benefits of Home Study

Home Study, popularly known as distance learning has become the preferred choice for most young adults. Especially those who wish to work or have time for other activities while studying.  Wondering why that is? Well, distance learning comes with a number of benefits. It’s these benefits of home study that makes it a first choice almost for everyone. In this article we will talk about the benefits of home study and explain how it works and how it is different from the traditional form of learning.

What is Home Study?

Home study students using her laptop infornt of her. There are also open books around herBefore we get to the benefits of home study, we need to understand exactly what it is. In simple terms, home study is a form of education that lets you study at the comfort of your own home. This does not mean that it’s a lonely, one man’s classroom. Learning institutions that offer home study provides their students with ample amounts of support. Skills Academy, also a distance learning college, does this by providing around the clock tutorial support. We also have an online support group that makes students feel like they’re in a class full of other students. This online platform is called Together We Pass.

What are the Benefits of Home Study?

Studying from home allows you room and time to do other things that matter to you. It also affords you education at the comfort of your own home in a familiar, safe environment. But, this is not all. Let’s look at other benefits of studying from home:

You Save Money

Imagine a life where you do not have to step outside of your house to go to school. Not a cent spent on transport, cafeteria food or other miscellaneous spending that happens when you are on the road or on campus. When you study from home, you never have to worry about any of these. And most of all, you save money on fees! This is because distance learning is often cheaper than a traditional college.

Work At your Own Pace

With home study, you set your own study hours. There is no need to rush for an 08 o’clock class early in the morning. You can sleep till noon or wake up to go to work and come back home to study later. The choice is yours. Whatever works best for you.


This applies to all aspects of comfort. Staying home all day in a pair of pyjamas and messy hair, the ability to keep your hobbies, etc. When you study from home, there is so much room to still do things that light up your inner child! Want to chill at the restaurant  and listen to good music while studying? With home study, you can! How awesome is that?

How Does Home Study Work?

Home study typewriter, books and reading glasses laid on a tableThe process of studying from home is easy. All you need is to register at a college or university that offers distance learning, like Skills Academy. At Skills Academy, we pride ourselves for our easy application methods and our open to all policy. This allows any and everyone to be able to get the education they need. You do not need to worry about APS scores, having grade 12 or lots of money. You just need to be able to read and write in English because all of our courses are taught in English.

So, how exactly does home study work? Well, when you study from home, you can expect to have all your study material sent to you. This may be via email or courier services. And then, you set your own pace of studying. Some courses have set periods of examinations while others allow you to choose when to write an exam. Skills Academy’s TWP serves as a virtual classroom should you need help from your peers or tutors. It gives you access to previous exam and assignment papers. You can discuss these with your peers through this app.

Ready to Study From Home With Skills Academy?

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022