Beauty Therapy Courses

Skills Academy Offers a Wide range of Diverse Beauty Therapy Courses. Ranging from nail care, Skin Care, Make-Up Application and Salon Management. All these Courses can help you one day manage your own Beauty Salon.

Skills Academy offers the following Beauty Therapy Courses


Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Expert Course

Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Expert Certificate

An Advance 24 Month Course that Covers a wide         range of beauty Subjects Including Facial Skin Care    and Nail Care. Truly an All in one Course.  


Salon Management Courses

Salon Management Expert Certificate

A thorough Course that Covers most beauty therapy Subjects, as well as a few management Subjects that will equip you with the Skills to Manage your own Salon.


Nail Care Courses

Nail Care Short Course Certificate

A 4 Subject Course that teaches you the fundamentals of Nail Care, Application and Professional Salon Skills. This Course Only requires Grade 10 as Entrance Criteria.

Nail Care Advance Certificate

A Course that fuses Nail Care Knowledge and Application, with Entrepreneurship and Business Networking Fundamentals. Truly a Course that leads      to Success. 

Nail Care Proficiency Certificate

This Course is consists of 6 Subjects that will teach you all the necessities of Nail Care, as well as Skills that will help you build a successful career in this Field of Interest.


Make-up Application Courses

Make-up Application Short Course

A Short Course that teaches you all the fundamentals of Make-Up Application. This Course can be        completed within a 9 month Period.

Make-up Application Advance Certificate

The Most Advance Make-Up Application Course we have to offer. Ideal for any Individual that wants to pursue a Lavish Career in this Industry. Only Requires Grade 10 to Start.

Make-up Application Certificate

A more in Depth Course that equips you with all the needed knowledge to excel in the world of Make-Up. This Course takes 15 months to complete.


Facial Skincare Courses

Facial Skincare Short Course Certificate

A Short Course that teaches you all the fundamentals of Skincare. This Course can be completed within a 9 month Period.

Facial Skincare Advanced Certificate

The Most Advance Facial Skincare Course that we have to offer. Ideal for any Individual that wants to become and Expert in this Field Of Interest. Course only Requires Grade 10 to Start.

Facial Skincare Proficiency Certificate

The Standard Facial Skincare Course that we have to offer. Suitable for the Individual that wants to pursue a full time career in Skincare or General Beauty Therapy.


What is beauty therapy?

Beauty therapy is the treatment of hair, skin and nails to enhance appearances and to repair damage. Beauty therapy treatments sometimes also include massages and other body relaxation exercises. Treatments usually take place in salons, but some beauty therapists also do house calls, work on film sets, or work backstage at live performances.

Beauty Therapy coursesBeauty Therapy coursesBeauty Therapy courses


Why study beauty therapy courses?

Many people do their own hair, nails and make-up every day and wonder what the point would be of going to study beauty therapy. Like in other areas, there are some beauty therapy skills that can be self-taught, and other skills that can only be acquired through formal training. If you want to work as a beauty therapist, either by starting up your own business or by seeking employment in a salon, you will need to go for formal training in beauty therapy. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider studying beauty therapy:

  • You can learn how to take care of yourself and your clients.
  • You can learn how to perform a wide variety of beauty treatments.
  • You can improve your earning potential: many people are willing to pay good money for effective beauty treatments.

By completing a course in beauty therapy, you can gain formal recognition for the knowledge and skills that you acquire. Such formal recognition may increase your credibility in the eyes of both clients and employers.


How do I get started with Beauty Therapy Courses?

Skills Academy makes studying and moving on to the next step in your career very easy. You can go through the list of beauty therapy courses and choose one that you are interested in. If you are not sure which course is right for you, you can get in touch with one of our friendly Course Experts: they will be able to help you decide on a course.


Where can I work as a beauty therapist?

If you are considering a career in beauty therapy, you may be able to work in one of the following places once you have completed your beauty training:

  • In a salon
  • On a cruise ship
  • At a spa or health resort
  • On film sets
  • At home (or at your clients’ home)


Last Updated: March 1, 2018

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