Basic Computer Skills for a Successful Career

All professionals need Basic Computer Skills for a Successful Career. Whether you’re an IT nerd or a business owner, enrol into a computer course for success!

Don’t get stuck in the dark ages. Switch on your motherboard and join a world of professionals climbing the corporate ladder with computer skills. Get the lowdown on Basic Computer Skills for a Successful Career and reboot your future. 

Why are Basic Computer Skills Important for a Successful Career?

Let’s face it, every professional requires some basic computer skills to do your work. Whether you are a creche teacher, nail technician or a financial manager, you need computer skills to thrive in the workplace. Here’s why basic computer skills are essential for a successful career. 

Effective Communication 

All businesses make use of emails to communicate. If you think that writing a sticky note or leaving a voicemail is still the most effective way of communicating, you are wrong! Up your game and learn the basics to keep up with what’s happening in your organisation.

All Jobs Rely on Technology 

Like we have mentioned, most if not all jobs need you to have some handle on technology. Businesses rely on technology to run things and use certain tools to market their brand and increase revenue. 

Job Opportunities

Employers want workers who are up to date with trends. If you lack certain basic computer skills, some recruiters might not even want to interview you. Get access to more job opportunities by updating your computer skills. 

What are Computer Skills?

This may seem obvious, but people are not always sure what employers mean when the job description says “computer skills.” Employers are looking for employees who can use specific programs, like WordPress or Microsoft. But, at the rate technology changes, these preferences may also change. What’s important is that you are willing to use new programs and technologies. 

Two young women making use of their Basic Computer Skills to manage their coffee shop. Find out what Basic Computer Skills for a Successful Career are needed right here!

Types of Computer Skills

Technology is so vast, so it is impossible to identify one set of computer skills. To ensure job security, getting clued up on the following skills is your best bet.

Productivity Software –  All professionals must know the basics of productivity software. These are things like Email Management, Microsoft Office, and Excel. 

Digital Marketing – In today’s age, businesses need digital marketing to grow. More customers are searching online for solutions to their problems. Making digital marketing one of the most effective ways to reach clients. 

Computer Programming – This involves creating, launching, maintaining, and testing computer software and applications. Some jobs titles include software developer, programmer and software analyst.

Basic Computer Skills That are Essential for a Successful Career

Each job varies from place to place. So, the skills needed to perform your duties will vary too. But, investing in a basic computer course is essential to climb the corporate ladder. Some of the basic skills required for a successful career are: 

Microsoft Office

All workers must have a basic understanding of Microsoft Office. To increase your job security you can go a step further and get certified in Microsoft. This will enable you to do things like format documents, carry out mail merges and change macro scripts. 


Knowing how to work with spreadsheets is oftentimes a requirement in job applications. Recruiters seek out individuals who know how to do this as it allows them to organise spreadsheet information in a way that is effective. 


If you want to give dynamic presentations to your employers then you must have a grasp on PowerPoint. Job candidates who can show recruiters interesting presentation slides will often have a leg up in the hiring process. 


Everyone uses email. Whether it be in our personal or professional capacity. Those individuals who can complete advanced functions can positively influence the efficiency of the work environment. 

Web and Social Media Skills

Most organisations are looking for ways to improve their digital presence. Employees who have web and social media skills can be a great asset to any company. Improving these skills are a great way to prepare yourself for a job market that is becoming more digitally inclined. 

A man sitting at his desk working on his laptop. All professionals need Basic Computer Skills for a Successful Career. Enrol into our computer courses and get the basics here.

How to Improve Your Computer Skills and get Ahead in Your Career

With all these terms, you might be asking yourself how can you improve your basic understanding of computers? There are some steps you can take. The easiest way is to enrol for official training from a trustworthy college

Enrol for a Computer Course: Enrolling for a course is always the smart decision. You’ll be confident in the workplace knowing that you have credible, recognised training.  

Ask Questions: Within the workplace there are always people who know more than we do. It will be worth a try consulting your company’s IT professionals and raising your concerns and confusion to them. 

Practice Makes Perfect:  Play around on your computer and with various systems. The more comfortable you are with technology, the easier it will be to learn new skills. 

Our Computer Courses

Computer skills are essential to surviving in today’s technological workforce. If you feel like you need that extra bit of help, why not enrol for our computer courses? We offer the following computer courses: 

These courses all aim to give you the most basic to the most advanced knowledge, depending on your needs. They are all provider programs and open access which mean anyone can enrol. 

Benefits of Studying With us:

Once you complete your qualifications you’ll be able to get access to more work opportunities and earn more. Here’s why you should take the leap and study with us:

Press Play on Your Career! 

We’ve got the code to your success. Enrol into our courses and update your basic computer skills. Our course experts are ready to help you through our quick and easy process. Contact us today on: 

Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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