Back to School Checklist

Get ready for the academic year with our back to school checklist. We give you a step-by-step guide on what to do the week before, a few days before and the night before school starts.

Back to school, back to reality! Make sure you’re ready to take on the new academic year with our back to school checklist. 

One Week Before School Starts

The most challenging part of returning back to school is getting into a routine. It takes about a week or two to get back into a routine. So make sure you check the following points off a week before school starts: 

  1. Start Your Sleep Routine 
  2. Eat Healthy 
  3. Shop for Supplies 
  4. Write Down Your Fears

Start Your Sleep Routine

Slowly start getting back into a healthy sleeping pattern. You may have spent your holiday binge watching films and sleeping late, but school will need you at the top of your game! Try going to bed an hour earlier every night. 

Eat Healthy 

To perform at your best, eat foods that are nutritious and full of vitamins. Prepare a meal plan so you won’t get tempted to buy all the sweets and snacks at your school’s tuckshop. Healthier foods keep you energised and positive. 

Shop for Supplies

Make sure you get your school supplies as soon as possible. Many shops have specials running this time. So make good on these deals. Some common stationery items include: 

  • Pencils and pens 
  • Eraser
  • Rulers 
  • Highlighter set
  • Notebooks 

Your school will be able to give you a more detailed list. So make sure to check with them before buying supplies. 

Write Down Your Fears

If you are feeling anxious about the start of school, write down some of your fears. This will help you put things in perspective. Some of your concerns could be a result of: 

  • Unhealthy pressure to perform well
  • Learning challenges you are experiencing 

If these fears get out of control seek out the assistance of your family or professional help. 

A Couple of Days Before School Starts 

You only have a few days left! So make the most of it and prepare yourself well for the start of school. Some of the things you should be taking care of a few days before school starts are listed below: 

  1. Do a dry-run 
  2. Tour the School 
  3. Plan Your Outfits 
  4. Prepare Your Backpack 

Do a dry-run

Make sure you are prepared for any unexpected challenges. Wake up and practice as if you are making your way to school. A dry run gives you the chance to identify which areas you still need to work on and come up with plans for any problems you may experience. 

Tour the School 

If you are a first year student then you want to familiarise yourself with the school setting. Educators generally start school a few days before students. Arrange to tour the location. This will give you a chance to know where all your classes are and other important places. 

Plan Your Outfits 

Most South African schools have a set school uniform. Make sure that you have all the necessary items and that it’s for the correct season as well. If finances are a problem, check with your school if they have a donation bank you can make use of. 

Prepare Your Backpack

Don’t fool yourself with leaving things for the last minute. Prepare your bag the night before school starts. Make sure that your stationery is ready and that you have all the books needed for the day. You can also prepare your lunchbox to make sure you’re on time!  

Making a new friend is one of our tips on our Back to School Checklist.

First Day of School 

The day has finally arrived. You’re on your way to school. Make sure you make it the best day yet by using the following guideline: 

  1. Walk to School With a Friend or Classmate 
  2. Build a Relationship With Your Teacher 
  3. Join a Study Group 

Walk to School With a Friend or Classmate

Calm your nerves by going to school with a friend. You’ll be able to talk through your feelings and expectations for the new year. Having a buddy system in school works! Trust us.  

Build a Relationship With Your Teacher 

Introduce yourself to your teacher and make sure that there is a healthy level of respect and communication between the two of you. Teachers are more inclined to help students who show they are eager to learn. 

Join a Study Group

Making friends is easier if you join extracurricular activities. This could be sports, choir or a study group. Become an active member of your school this year! 

Happy First day of School! 

It’s never too early to start thinking about some of your other study goals. Speak to a course consultant and have a look at our courses. We’re eager to help! 

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Last Updated: 26 January 2021