Skills Academy Assignment Submission Policy

Purpose of policy:

  •  To ensure all students keep to a study timetable
  •  To ensure all students hand in at least one assignment per month
  •  To ensure all students complete their studies with Skills Academy

The Policy

Students at Skills Academy sign up to courses every day of the year at Skills Academy. In the past this has meant that there is no set timetable for every student, and students can study at whatever pace they choose.

The Academic Board has reviewed this, and looked at the resulting study patterns of our students. It is our belief that having no set deadlines in our study programs means that many students do not finish their course in time, or do not finish their course at all.

We are now implementing a policy where every student must hand in at least one assignment per month. Students will be reminded about their submissions, and the college will follow up on all students who fail to submit their assignment. Assistance will be offered to ensure that students understand and can submit their assignment.

If a student fails to submit an assignment for 2 months they will be put into our At Risk program, and be given additional support to bring their studies back on track.

Exempted from the policy

Any students studying a course with external exams, or where there are no assignments to be handed to the college are exempted. This includes all students studying ICB courses, and some computer courses.

If you would like to download a copy of this policy to keep for your records please visit this page: Skills Academy Assignment Policy Download

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