Ask Your Employer to Pay For Your Studies

Are you currently working and you wish to study but do not have the funds to do so? There are other means that may be available to you like your employer. Yes, you could ask your employer to pay for your studies. Here are ways in which you could approach it.

How Do You Ask Your Employer to Pay For Your Studies?


First, you would need to outline how it is going to be beneficial to both the company and you. Make sure you stress out that taking this added responsibility will not cause a strain to your work. There are some benefits that could be persuasive enough to your boss. Let’s explore these benefits below.

You Will Gain a New Skill


Enrolling in job or career focused distance learning college, like Skills Academy, will fast track your way into getting a new skill. And this will not affect your current duties at work because you will be able to study while you work. 

Skills Academy offers short courses that are aimed at improving your skill set. These will then give you an edge at your current job position. You will be able to use your new earned skill to increase production.

Return of Investment


Paying for your education could be looked at as an investment on the business side. One that will give them great returns such as:

  • In house training. You could gain strategic and managerial skills from your course that will allow you to be able to be a better leader and train other stuff.
  • You will bring in new and fresh ideas on how to make profit.
  • The program could also allow you to network and increase the business exposure to new investors.

You could set up a contract with all the terms and conditions of this arrangement. Terms such as how long should you work for the company after you finish your studies so they can make their money back. 

That way, this will also guarantee your job is safe for a certain amount of time.

Ask your employer to pay for your studies.

Do Your Research and Be Specific


This will prove that you know what you are talking about and what you want. Do not be vague about which courses you want to do. You should also be sure of how long it takes, how much it costs and how are you going to go about studying. 

If you need help figuring out all this information, Skills Academy has a free toll number you can contact to speak to one of the course experts. They will be able to tell you exactly which course would be best for you.

Be Prepared For a No


Sometimes, it is just not possible to fund an employee’s education. So, you should be prepared to get a negative answer. This does not mean that you should take it lying down. You can negotiate. Maybe ask for a lower salary or offer to pay a certain percentage of the fees yourself. But, always keep in mind that sometimes it’s just not possible

Show Initiative


The best way to increase your chances of you being granted this opportunity lies with you. And it’s simple. All you need is to show initiative. Prove to your employers that you are committed and willing to learn. Before you even start thinking of asking for funds for your education, go above and beyond in the current position you are in.

Always try to find new ways to solve problems quicker. Or to increase profit. Look into what other departments are doing as well so you can be well rounded.

Asking your employer to pay for your studies is not always easy but it can be worth it. If you make it. 

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Last Updated: December 1, 2021


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