How About Doing Short Courses in Business Management?

When you are doing short courses in Business Management you are learning how to run a company. During your studies, you will learn about business administration, office management, entrepreneurship, and you will gain financial knowledge.   Business Administration  Business Administration is about looking after a business and its how it functions. When you study Business […]

Why should I consider studying Project Management?

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CIMA Exemptions for CMA (USA)

Do you hold a CMA (USA) qualification? CMA stands for the Certified Management Accountant. Are you interested in studying a CIMA qualification? Well, CIMA awards exemptions for CMA qualifications received in the United States. CIMA does not want you to repeat work that you already know. Let’s find out how CIMA exemptions for CMA (USA) […]

How Do You Prepare For The ICB Exams?

You can prepare for the ICB exams by using your ICB assignments, ICB tests and your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).  Old Exam Papers The ICB exam papers are not available for study. It is to protect the credibility of the papers. If the course outcomes change, past exam papers will become outdated. There are […]

What is Facial Skin Care all about?

The History of Facial Skin Care Natural Skin Care A brief history about facial skin care dates as far back as early 200BC At that time the ancient Egyptians were already showing an interest in hygiene for the skin as well as protection from the sun. In the hot and dry climate of Egypt, people […]

The Different Specialties In A Beauty Salon

The finest way to feel great in your career is to understand precisely what you are doing, this will not just ensure that you feel comfortable doing the essentials but likewise enable you to branch off and get imaginative. Specialising in exactly what you do is an excellent method to develop that ability. Let’s examine […]

Study for your Beauty Salon Business

What course is the best one to study? It is not easy to find the right course to study. It is a big decision that you need to properly consider. Luckily, we at Skills Academy would like to help you. All you have to do is follow this 5 step process that will help lead you […]

Make-Up Courses That Will Boost Your Career

The cosmetic industry moves around 20 billion dollar each year, we can all agree that is big number! If you want to start earning a portion of that huge dollar amount studying a make-up and qualifying as a make-up artist is the best way to do it. Being a make-up artist means techniques and processes […]

How A Beauty Course Can Help You To Make Your Clients Beautiful – Inside and Out

Clients And Your Career Clients are the most important aspect of any business – no clients means no business. When you start a career as a beauty care consultant your job is to make people beautiful, but being beautiful means more than just looking beautiful, it also means having a beautiful soul. One of the […]

Where Did It All Begin? Cosmetics Through The Ages

European Middle Ages In the period of the European Middle Ages, fade skin was an indication of wealth and 6th century women looked for extreme and unusual methods to attain the pale look by bleeding themselves, however in contrast to that Spanish prostitutes wore pink make-up. However in the 13th century wealthy and prosperous ladies […]