Are Online Diplomas Valid?

Are Online Diplomas Valid? Yes, they are. Allow us to unpack this question with an in depth article. Online qualifications have great educational and career advantages.

What is an Online Diploma?

When looking at an online diploma and a regular diploma there aren’t much differences. The only difference is that you’ll do an online course from home. A regular diploma is done from college or universities. Now are online diplomas valid like regular diplomas? Find out here. 

Advantages of Studying Online

All studying comes with its own set of challenges. Online  courses come with great advantages. These advantages will help you to excel in your education and career. Below are just a few of the advantages you have access to by studying online. 

Flexible Schedule

When looking for an online institution, you are looking for flexibility. Doing an online diploma will give you exactly that. You won’t have any classes to attend meaning that you create your own study schedule. By having this power, you are able to make it work with your other responsibilities.  

Course and Programme Variety 

Traditional learning institutions only have a limited selection of courses and programmes. This sets a boundary on your studies. Luckily for you when studying online you have a greater opportunity because of the range of courses and programmes available.  

Learning Environment 

You choose your learning environment. That’s right, you decided where you want to study. It can be at home, in a garden or even at the beach. You are in control. So no more sitting in over crowded classrooms where you can barely hear your lecturers. 

Continue Working 

You shouldn’t have to choose between your job and your education. This is because without an education it’s harder to get a job or better yet advance in your career. Luckily with your online diploma you won’t have to make this choice. You can study and work all at the same time. 

Improve Technical Skills

Thanks to technological advancements, studying online is possible. Even though you might not study a computer course, you will learn new computer skills. These skills allow you to work new learning management systems. 

With these advantages in mind, why not give an online diploma a chance? 

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Where to get an Valid Online Diploma 

Knowing where you find a valid online diploma, isn’t hard. Choosing a diploma course is the hard part. There are many institutions that offer online courses. You can choose between a distance learning institution, online college or a correspondence.

Skills Academy – Distance Learning

Here at Skill Academy we have accredited Diploma courses you can do. We are an accredited distance learning institution. This means that with us you don’t attend classes. All your courses are done from the comfort of your home. Along with our diploma courses we also have several other courses you can do. 

Are Online Diplomas Valid?

To know if a qualification is valid, it has to be accredited. This means that it has to be recognised by a professional body. The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is one of these professional bodies. With that being said online diplomas are valid. You just have to ensure that your institution offers accredited courses. 

Career Opportunities With a Online Diploma 

Most diploma courses are career focused. Therefore you won’t have to worry about being able to get a job. You have a variety of career opportunities. There are diplomas in business, marketing, IT and several others. 

How to Find a Job

Job hunting can be hard even with an accredited diploma. That’s why it’s important to have to equip yourself with handy tools. These tools will give you a checklist of things that will help you get your dream job. 

Get Your Qualification 

Having a qualification increases your chances of being hired. Better yet, having an accredited course would look even better. An accredited course also increases your credibility which potential employers will appreciate. 

Draw up a C.V

A C.V is a professional document that tells employers who you are and what your skills are. Your C.V shouldn’t be longer than two pages long. It’s important to keep it to the point and keep some information for your interview. There are even sites where you can upload a virtual C.V. That way you can be contacted by potential employers.  


Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door. You can get an internship right after graduating. Being offered permanent possession is possible. All you have to do is work hard and impress your manager. 

Job Search

The internet is full of endless opportunities. Most businesses post openings online making it easier to find. There are several job search engines on the internet, like indeed jobs for example. 


The interview is the final step to getting  a job. Always do research on the company before the interview. Don’t let your nerves get in the way of acing your interview. Remember to stay calm and answer all the questions clearly and truthfully. 

Get Your Online Diploma 

Let Skills Academy help you get your online diploma via distance learning. Contact one of our expert course consultants and find out what options you have. 

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022