APPETD is an official accreditation body that assists providers through the process of accreditation with QCTO for NATED programmes. Learn more here!

Who is APPETD?

The Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Development (APPETD) leads the broader private education and training industry through:
  • interaction with legislative authorities in presenting the needs, benefits and contributory value of the private sector,
  • development and empowerment of members to be effective, sustainable organizations,
  • informing and guiding members regarding best institutional, educational and quality practices,
  • promoting education and training as a professional career.

APPETD also provides:

  • information and advice regarding regulation and legislation changes
  • guidance regarding compliance, quality management and legal issues
  • workshops to explore current and relevant issues affecting private education
  • representation on industry councils and statutory bodies
  • publication of training project opportunities
  • project management of training events
  • links to industry consultants and niche service providers

Additionally APPETD has established a surety scheme with MARSH for the benefit of all member providers and to comply with legislation as stipulated by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

What Does Being Accredited by APPETD Mean to you?


An open laptop placed on top of  wooden table. There is a glass of water next to itWhen you choose to start studying a course, it is important to know that you are signed up with a reputable college. You will need to be registered with a college that has been through the accreditation process so that your potential employers will recognise your qualification and know that you can bring something to the table when you join their team.

When a training institution is inspected for its accreditation, the accrediting body looks at the ability of the training institution to successfully offer the course for which they are being accredited. This means they look at the structures, venues, study materials, financial health, tax status and BEE status as part of the accrediting process. Skills Academy has passed these and all the other accreditation requirements from APPETD in full.

More good news…


APPETD has just revealed the Big Announcement to its members at their Networking Event held at Montecasino, Fourways, Johannesburg.

So what’s the big news? APPETD will be making available up to R2 million of the Bursary Scheme to its members.

The Bursary Scheme shall be made available January 2017 and applications will be communicated to members in due course.

The event also re-launched the Tuition Surety Guarantee that is being continuously redesigned in to meet the needs of private providers – which means that is available to you – our students – so watch this space!      

Last Updated: 2 November 2020