Alternatives to Getting a Degree

You no longer have to stress yourself out about getting top grades to further your studies. There are several Alternatives to Getting a Degree. That’s right, you can still become a professional without a degree.

What is a Degree? 

A degree is a certificate qualification. This qualification simply states that you have achieved satisfactory test and exam results in your courses. It also proves that because you have achieved satisfactory results, you are now a qualified professional in your field of studies. Find alternatives to getting a degree, right here. 

Why Getting a Degree is Important

Getting a degree much like getting any other qualification, proves your credibility. It also provides potential employees with evidence of your dedication to your work. Therefore having a qualification on your CV increases your chances of getting employed. 

Career Without a Degree – Is it Possible?

Yes, having a career without a degree is 100% possible. Did you know that you can have a successful career without even having matrics? That’s right and it’s all possible with alternative courses.

Short Courses

Short courses serve as a stepping stone to your career. These types of courses usually don’t have any entry requirements meaning no matric is  needed. The best part about a short course is that you can do it at any point of your life because it only lasts for a couple of months. 

Diploma Courses 

Now a diploma course usually takes an average of 3 years to do. However when doing them with the right institution, it can take you a lot less time to do. Here at Skills Academy we just so happen to have a study fast, pay less policy.  

Creative Courses 

Not everyone grows up wanting to be a doctor or a teacher. You might want to be a decorator or photographer or even a wedding planner. So there’s no reason why you should have to study a bunch of other subjects.  With a creative course you solely focus on what you need to know for your future career. 

Computer Courses 

Perhaps you already have a job but need to improve your computer skills? Not a problem. Computer courses allow you to brush up on your computer literacy in no time. 

enjoy your studies with our alternative degree options

Where to find Alternatives to Getting a Degree

Knowing where to find these great alternatives to getting a degree, will make the decision to further your studies less stressful. Before choosing an institution however, you have to know what you are looking for in an institution. Below is a small checklist of essential things your institution should have.

Institution checklist:

  • Should be accredited 
  • Qualified professional lecturers 
  • Support staff (course experts)  
  • Great policies 
  • Courses that suit your lifestyle
  • Student support (study groups and tutors) 

Why Choose Skills Academy?

You come first. Here at Skills Academy we put your needs first every step of the way. This is clearly proven by our variety of courses, our policies and our benefits. We also post our student testimonies so that potential students like yourself can have a relatable point of view.

Distance Learning 

We are a distance learning institution. Meaning that you don’t attend any face-to-face classes. Instead you will do all your studying and assignments from the comfort of your home. If you do choose a course that has exams, you will be allocated a location nearest to you. 

Accredited Institution

We are a legitimately accredited learning institution. In order to be completely transparent with you we have placed our OLM accreditation number on our website. You can rest assured that the education you receive is from an accredited institution in South Africa. 


You have policies that are aimed to protect your educational needs. All policies by Skills Academy revolve around your happiness as a student. Therefore we have policies such as the No Credit Check, No Blacklisting policy. Click here to read more about it.  

Variety of Courses 

You won’t have to settle for your second or third choice. We offer courses that range from accredited courses, short courses, NATED courses, the list is endless. With us you are spoilt with options. 

Online Study Groups and Tutors

Just because it’s distance learning and you study from your home, doesn’t mean you are alone. We have online study groups and tutors available to all students. Best part about this, it’s all for free. 

Try an Alternative Course Today

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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