Adjusting to Remote Learning

Adjusting to Remote Learning can be challenging but you can overcome these challenges. All you need are a few great tips, a good support system and motivation.

Learning from home isn’t anything new. People have been homeschooled for many years. But Adjusting to Remote Learning does take some time. Look at our tips to help make this transition easier. 

Getting Into the Swing of Things 

Getting into the swing of things might not be as easy as you think. But luckily, we have great tips that will help. Remember, remote learning is just like classroom learning, you’re just using different equipment and learning from home. 

Get Organised 

Creating a routine and study schedule will help you be in control of this transition. Have a work space with a reliable internet connection. You should also have all the materials you need including a computer or a laptop.  

Stay on Track 

Remote learning involves a lot of indepence, so you will have to find a way to stay on track with your course. You can do this by tracking your work with a calendar and communicating with your instructor. 

Understand Your Virtual Classes 

Take the time to understand how your classes will work. Will they be online via Skype, Zoom or will it be done via distance learning? Each style of learning is different. Knowing how your classes will operate is important to succeeding with remote learning. 

Tackle one Task at a Time 

Learning can be overwhelming. Doing more than one thing at a time can cause chaos. So tackle one task at a time. This will lessen your stress and anxiety. It will also ensure that the work you produce is good quality. 

Adjust Your Routine

Remote learning offers lots of flexibility. Once you have started your remote learning, you will have a feel for what works and doesn’t work for you. Take the opportunity to look at your routine and adjust it accordingly. 

Staying Connected 

Studying from home can make you feel a bit lonely at times. So staying connected with classmates and friends is really important. You can do it with online study groups and with social media like Facebook and WhatsApp

Remote Learning Tips for Parents 

Students aren’t the only ones that need tips on adjusting to remote learning, parents do too. Here are a few things you can do help your child adjust to remote learning. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a teacher overnight. 

Create a Learning Space: Allocate a learning space in your home that will be strictly dedicated to learning. 

Be Supportive: All students need support. Be encouraging and let them know that you are there if they ever need help. 

Challenges of Remote Learning 

It’s no secret that there are challenges to remote learning. But the same can be said for classroom learning as well. Challenges shouldn’t discourage you, you just need a way to handle them. 




Turning off your phone, telling friends that you are busy. Switch off the TV

Technical Issues 

Invest in quality equipment and speak to a professional when you have issues. 


Stay in contact with friends, make time to socialise with others. 

A young boy sitting in front of his study desk with a book in his hand, reading up on Adjusting to Remote Learning.

How to Improve Your Remote Learning Experience

Are you feeling discouraged and ready to give up on remote learning? Here are tips on how you can improve your learning experience. Don’t give up just yet. 

  • Build a Community 
  • Ask for Help 
  • Asses Your Techniques
  • Change Your Environment 

Find Your Groove and Make Successful Moves 

Use our tips on adjusting to remote learning and succeed. Find out about our online study groups and how you can get started with distance learning. Simply contact one of our course experts today. 

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Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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