Accredited Online Courses

Accredited Online Courses are a great way to start your career. Skills Academy would like to help you get that start. Look at the amazing benefits and courses you can access online.

What are Accredited Online Courses?

Accredited Online Courses are courses that meet the standards of a professional educational body. These standards are set by groups such as the SAQA or the NQF. Once approved by  these parties, colleges and universities are given permission to teach these courses. 

Benefits of Doing an Online Accredited Course 

You are probably deciding between doing online courses and face-to -face courses. Online accredited courses have several benefits. One of these benefits being no distractions. Classrooms are overcrowded and noisy, by studying from the comfort of your home, you can avoid that. 

Proves Your Work Ethic 

Doing an online accredited course takes a lot of self motivation and dedication. Therefore having it on your CV will show potential employers that you have a good work ethic. This means that if you achieve good marks when you graduate and work hard consistently, you stand a higher chance of getting employed. 

Flexible Schedule 

That’s right, you get a flexible schedule. Classroom courses will always require you to attend classes which for a working adult can be difficult. Online accredited courses don’t have this problem. You can work full time and study at the same time.

Low Cost 

Online courses cost far less than classroom courses. You don’t have to worry about transportation costs or housing costs. Online institutions have all your costs included in the price, all you have to do is ask. Young man looking for Accredited Online Courses

Where can I Find Accredited Online Courses? 

Students search the internet for hours attempting to find a perfect institution. Finding a legitimately accredited institution that offers accredited courses can be hard. However Skills Academy aims to make your life easier. As an accredited distance learning institution, we have everything you need all in one place. This includes accredited courses, provider programmes, creative courses and your course and study materials are electronically sent to you. 

Type of Accredited Courses at Skills Academy

Along with a great team of lecturers and tutors, Skills Academy offers their students a variety of accredited courses. There are exactly 13 different types of accredited courses you can do. Each course has legitimate accreditation which is clearly stated on the Skills Academy site. 

Accredited Courses at Skills Academy

With 13 different accredited courses you have an endless list of options. Each of which will allow you to enter into different career fields. These career fields include education, business, finance and much more. 

Entry Requirements for an Accredited Online Course

Skills Academy has an open entry policy. This means that we believe that everyone has the opportunity to get an education and further their studies. Most accredited courses at other institutions have high entry requirements and at times you need more than just good marks or matric. However with our open entry policy, the entry requirements for our accredited course are as simple as having matric.

Accredited Courses you can do Without Matric 

Don’t Have Matric but I Want to Study

You can still study, even without a matric certificate. Here at Skills Academy we have courses such as Adult Matric, that will help you earn your Matric N4 certificate. This will allow you to continue on your way to becoming a professional. 

Career Opportunities

Do you need help finding a career and then a course? No, problem. We can help with that as well. Our career page has a list of great careers you can venture into with our courses. Each career has a list of jobs, which will lead you to the courses you need to do in order to go into that job. 

Ready to Start Your Accredited Online Course

Make use of your free and exercise your powerful mind with our accredited online courses. Contact one of our course experts and sign up today. 

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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