A Career in Management

A Career in Management

Are you considering a career in management? Are you trying to decide whether this is the right path for you? Well, there are many positive aspects of becoming a manager. A manager frequently earns a higher salary than non-managerial staff members. A manager also has more authority and responsibility. Consequently, managers have a powerful status within organisations.

Management is an excellent career path to pursue. It is a career filled with endless possibilities and options. One of the best aspects about choosing a career in management is that you can choose the industry in which you would like to work.


Starting out in the managerial field

When you are starting out, it is important to remember that everybody has to start somewhere. The majority of today’s successful managers had to start out at the bottom, and had to work their way up the ranks. It takes time, dedication and hard work to get to the top.

Your first job is highly unlikely to be a managerial one. It usually requires years of practical work experience to gain the background and skills required for management positions. You should therefore work hard and take pride in your work, no matter what you are doing. If your employer sees that you have potential, he or she may later recommend you for a managerial role.

It would also be to your advantage to go for management training. While experience is an important factor, it is not the only factor that employers consider when hiring managers. They also look for candidates who are suitably qualified to work in management.

How to make the most of any job:

    • Always take the initiative. Do not just sit at your desk and wait for someone to give you more work.
    • Take on additional responsibilities to show your commitment (as long as they don’t prevent you from performing well in your key areas of responsibility).
    • Learn from your superiors. Pay close attention to the way in which your own manager deals with various situations.
    • Make sure that you do your job well and that you display a good work ethic.
    • Always arrive at work on time.
    • Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
    • Connect with others in your field. It is a good idea to start building your professional network as early as possible.

Job titles in the managerial field

Job titles in management can range from team leader to CEO. While some titles do command more respect than others, you should try not to focus too much on working towards a particular title. It’s more important to look at the tasks and responsibilities that come with a particular managerial role. This will help you to determine what you need to do to succeed in your managerial career.

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