A Career in Investigation

Career in Investigation

If television programmes like CSI give you such a thrill that you want to do the work that they do on the show, then you should consider a career in investigation. Investigative work is for people who have inquisitive minds and who always want to dig deeper to uncover facts.

A career in investigation begins with thorough training. If you would like to lay a good foundation for your future career as an investigator, then taking introductory courses at Skills Academy is a step in the right direction. These courses will help you to kick start your career in investigation.

You can find out all you need to know about how to become a private investigator (or any other type of investigator) by going through our list of courses below.

A Career in Investigation, Investigation Courses, Skills Academy

Investigation courses offered at Skills Academy

Crime Investigation Programmes

Forensic Science Programmes

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Is investigation a good career choice?

People have different reasons for wanting to venture into certain careers. If you would like to be an investigator, here is a list of reasons why you should go for it:

    • There is always a demand for investigators in the job market. Crimes are committed every day, and as a result, there will always be a need for investigators. There is also plenty of work for private investigators.

    • You can specialise in an area that interests you. There are many different types of investigation, and you can focus on one that really captures your interest.

    • You can start your own investigation company once you have the required skills and experience.

    • Being an investigator is a rewarding job. You are bound to get personal satisfaction out of putting all the pieces of a puzzle together, solving cases, or bringing criminals to justice.

A Career in Investigation, Investigation Courses, Skills Academy

Career options in investigation

Investigators can choose to work in the following capacities:

    • General investigators. The duties of a general investigator can range from tracing missing persons to gathering information about cheating spouses and investigating the commission of crime. He or she can work in a team of specialised investigators to gather information that will speed up an investigation.

    • Legal investigators. Legal investigators gather information and evidence needed to prepare clients for court cases. They perform background checks on their clients to make sure they are telling the truth, and on opposing parties to find evidence to use against them.

    • Corporate investigators. Corporate investigators gather information for companies. Their duties may include gathering financial information on potential business partners, or performing background checks on new employees. They also conduct internal checks if there is suspicion of fraud or cyber crime.

    • Cyber investigators. Cyber investigators look into crime committed over the internet, such as pirating, fraud or cyber bullying.

    • Insurance investigators. Insurance investigators are used by insurance companies to examine cases where insurance claims are made. They make sure that the clients’ reports are true, so as to determine whether they qualify for compensation.

    • Forensic scientists. Forensic scientists work mainly in the justice system. They usually require a university degree to delve into the different areas of forensic study and to produce evidence that is used in courts. Areas of practice include: medical examiner, laboratory analyst, crime scene examiner, forensic engineer, and working as an academic to conduct research in the field of forensic science.

If you are intrigued by what investigators do, you may want to take investigation courses to find out more about their work. Skills Academy offers a selection of courses in different areas of interest for you to choose from. Please feel free to contact our friendly Course Experts to ask about investigating officer careers or even to find out more about investigating officer salaries – they will do their best to assist you.

A Career in Investigation, Investigation Courses, Skills Academy

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Last updated: December 13th 2017

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