8 Words and Phrases to Stop Using in Your Resume

Make a lasting impression with your resume with these 8 Words and Phrases to Stop Using in Your Resume. Get your next job interview and boost your career!

Did you know, according to recent studies, recruiters spend at least 6 seconds reviewing your resume. That is not a lot of time at all! So you need to make it count. Here are 8 words and phrases to stop using in your resume.  

8 Words and Phrases to Avoid Using

Your resume is your first mode of communication with recruiters. They will determine what type of person you are and if you are suited for the job. 

Make a lasting impression and cut out these 8 words and phrases: 

  1. Highly Qualified.
  2. Team Player or Hard Worker.
  3. Proactive. 
  4. Self-motivated or go-getter.
  5. Result-orientated.
  6. Ninja, rockstar or other quirky titles. 
  7. Trendy Adjectives. 
  8. References upon request. 

Highly Qualified

This is a massive put off for recruiters. Instead of saying you are highly qualified, give examples of your achievements and qualifications.  

Team Player or Hard Worker

These phrases are vague and a bit of a cliche. Try using more specific examples that show how you worked in a team or percentage of profit you made at your last job.  


Proactive is one of those popular words used by candidates, but it really is saying nothing. Why not demonstrate how you are proactive, instead of just stating it. 

Self-Motivated or Go-Getter 

You don’t want to generalise. Especially when the point is to showcase your qualities. Use words like improved or created when speaking about your accomplishments. 


Always give specifics! You cannot expect the recruiter to take your word at face value. Give brief summaries of your achievements. 

Ninja, Rockstar or Other Quirky Titles

You may think these words and phrases give your resume personality, but instead you just sound pretentious.  

Trendy Adjectives

Don’t get caught in the trap of trying to sound trendy. Words like cutting-edge and disruptive mean very little. Stay professional at all times.  

References Upon Request 

This takes up unnecessary space. Recruiters will most likely require references, so just add them onto your resume already. 

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Words are Power. Use Them Well and bag Your Next job!

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Last Updated: 7 June 2022