5 Unique Careers in the art World

Add a pop of culture to your life with these 5 Unique Careers in the art World! Enrol for our creative courses via distance learning. Explore a new world full of possibilities.

Interested in a career path that is unique and exciting? Why not get your creative juices flowing with these 5 unique careers in the art world. You’ll never have a dull day! Create a life full of colour with these creative careers. 

Unique Careers in the World of Art

When it comes to the world of art, there are many options for you to explore. Art careers come in all shapes and sizes. Listed below are 5 unique careers in the art world that you should consider.

  1. Food Stylist 
  2. Art Therapist 
  3. Medical Illustrator 
  4. Underwater Photographer 
  5. Prop Designer   

Food Stylist

Ever heard that we first eat with our eyes? That’s exactly where a food stylist comes in. Food stylists are responsible for making food look visually attractive. They work with chefs, restaurants and magazines.  

Art Therapist 

An art therapist uses art and creativity to help their clients express themselves. This helps them improve their emotional and mental well-being. To dive into this profession you must have qualifications in psychology. 

Medical Illustrator 

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for making the images in medical pamphlets and posters? Medical illustrators do this. They put medical information into 3D graphic designs in an easy to understand manner. 

Underwater Photographer 

Up for a challenge? Underwater photography might just be the adventure you need. In this career you will capture marine life, sunken ships, movie scenes and underwater portraits. This career path will also require you to have scuba diving skills.

Prop Designer 

The sets in films are sometimes just as memorable as the movie itself! Bring the writer, director and actors’ vision to life by creating set props for film, theatre or television series. Here you will need an extreme eye for detail and great communication skills

An artist painting on a canvas. Explore your creativity with these 5 Unique Careers in the art World.

Creative Courses to Study

To explore these 5 unique careers in the art world, you must have some natural creativity. However, official training is useful for teaching you the theory side of the industry. Listed below are the creative courses you can get qualified for: 

Graphic Design

Most companies need the skills of graphic designers. A graphic design course is a great start to develop your creative, technical and business knowledge.   

Creative Writing 

Have a way with words? There are many online creative writing courses you can enrol for. Who knows, you might be the next Charles Dickens. 


To become a successful entrepreneur you must use your creativity. This will make you stand out from the crowd. Enrol for our entrepreneurship courses to get ahead of the game.  


The marketing world is growing at a steady rate and has no sign of stopping. We offer marketing management for all students who wish to improve their leadership and marketing skills.  

Film Studies

Here you will learn about production, directing, history and critical thinking. Dive into the world of storytelling and how to analyse films . These courses are usually offered by Universities. 


Much like film studies, you will also be expected to interpret and analyse literature. This could cover everything between African literature right to 19th century literature.  


Make-up artists and nail techs create visual pieces that clients get to showcase all day long. Have a look at our beauty courses and unleash your inner artist.  


Do you enjoy bringing clients visions to life? Our events management courses are the perfect fit for you! Use your creativity to come up with party themes, unique colour schemes and more.  

There’s no better time than now to invest in your education and to use your creativity to build the future you dream of. 

Add a POP of Culture to Your Life!

Create a life filled with bright colourful hues. Enrol for our distance learning courses and get started on your creative career. Speak to a course consultant today: 

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Last Updated: February 4, 2021


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