5 Things to Know Before Applying for Scholarships

Ready to start the scholarship process? Slow your roll! Before you dive right into things, first get the low-down on these 5 Things to Know Before Applying for Scholarships. The more you know, the better your chances are.

Before you dive right into submitting your scholarship forms, first get the low-down on these 5 things to know before applying for scholarships. Knowledge is power. Use yours well. 

What do Scholarships Look for?

Scholarships and bursaries have different criteria depending on what their aims are. Some scholarships specifically aim to help students who come from low-income families and others reward academic achievements.

However, when going through applications, they do look for students with the following criteria: 

  • Students who are focused on their long-term and short term goals
  • A well-written self application that is concise and focused 
  • Students who can prove by their academic records and testimonials that they are not easily distracted. 

5 Things to Know Before Applying for Scholarships

Scholarships are a great help for avoiding student loans and managing your finances well for school. Make sure the odds are in your favour. Listed below are the top things you need to know before applying for scholarships:  

  1. The Scholarship Process Takes Work
  2. There’s Something for Everyone 
  3. Start Early and Don’t Stop 
  4. Don’t Apply to Everything Under the sun 
  5. Scholarships are Easier to win Once you Know What They’re Looking for 

The Scholarship Process Takes Work

This will take lots of time and dedication. So much so that many college students give up altogether when applying. If you take the time to search for less popular scholarships then your odds of getting one is much higher. But don’t give up! Remember, this is for your benefit. 

There’s Something for Everyone

Don’t think you need to be a straight-A student to find a scholarship. Yes, there are a lot of bursaries focused on academic merit, but there are also tons that have different criteria. Make you research well and find something that speaks to you.

Start Early and Don’t Stop

Don’t make the mistake of leaving this to the last minute. In fact, you can start applying for scholarships years in advance. You don’t have to be in matric to start thinking about how your college studies will be financed. Plan ahead. 

Don’t Apply to Everything Under the sun

You may feel the need to apply to every available scholarship. But, this will leave you feeling exhausted and you may potentially make mistakes in your application forms. Instead, settle on a few you really think are worth it and make sure you fill them in right. 

Scholarships are Easier to win Once you Know What They’re Looking for

Read the entrance requirements carefully. They are there for a reason. The criteria can really help you to identify which parts you need to focus on in your application. Showcase that you are the perfect candidate by highlighting your strengths

A student researching these 5 Things to Know Before Applying for Scholarships.

What if I don’t get a Scholarship?

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a scholarship. In fact, only a select few students will pay for their studies like this. But, there are other options available to you. All is not lost.  

Affordable Study Options: 

If finances are keeping you from studying further, why not try distance learning. It’s an affordable alternative to traditional learning and holds other benefits like: 

  • Flexible schedule 
  • Study material couriered to you at no extra cost 
  • Cuts the cost of travelling and other day-to-day expenses  

Student Loans: 

This is often the choice many students opt for. These are easy to apply for and to get. But there are some negatives: 

Work While you Study:

If you are able to and think you can manage, why not get a part-time job? It might be difficult to keep up with your coursework though. Thankfully, with distance learning you will be able to work. This is because your studies are set according to your needs.  

Score on Education With us! 

Don’t get yourself down about study fees. Simply enrol for affordable, quality education with us. Speak to a course consultant today: 

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Last Updated: February 9, 2021


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