5 Reasons to Choose Distance Learning

Thinking about furthering your studies? Then try distance learning. It’s accessible to all and you can get started immediately. Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Distance Learning.

We’re sure you’ve heard all the disadvantages of distance learning. But just like any method of studying, distance learning has its benefits. Some of these benefits you won’t even get to enjoy with other study options. Here are some of the reasons to choose distance learning over your other options. 

What is Distance Learning

Distance learning is a great alternative to full-time and part-time learning. This is perfect for students who can’t make it to class. University and college campuses in South Africa aren’t universally accessible. And many students are stuck between their daily responsibilities and furthering their education. Distance learning strives to make learning possible for all. 

Distance learning student doing home work on laptop. Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Distance Learning

Reasons to Choose Distance Learning

Scared that you will feel disconnected from learning and have a hard time? It is completely normal to feel weary of change. But your fears shouldn’t prevent you from choosing what could only benefit you and your career

Here are some of the reasons you should choose distance learning: 

Study From Anywhere in the Country 

Unfortunately, universities and colleges aren’t equally spread throughout South Africa. That means students often have to leave their homes and relocate to be closer to their campus. Distance learning is perfect for the ones who can’t or do not want to relocate. The great thing about it is that you can take your books with you if you travel locally too. 

Choose a Flexible Schedule 

One thing that full or part-time learners don’t have that you get to enjoy is a flexible schedule. There are no scheduled classes for distance learning students. Class is whenever they decide to sit with their books. They can often create their schedules around their busy lives and other responsibilities. 

Gain Soft Skills

Completing a distance learning course is the perfect way to hone your soft skills. The way distance learning is set up, you are guaranteed to pick up transferable and soft skills. You can gain the following skills that will benefit your career:

  • Time management
  • Computer literacy
  • Self-motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills

Kick-Start Your Career Sooner

You will have a flexible schedule, and therefore you can kick-start your career sooner. With distance learning, you can juggle having a job and studying at the same time. Some companies allow you to step into the workforce while you’re still earning a qualification. So why wait when you can enrol for that course and get started now? 

Eliminate Extra Costs and Save More

There are a lot of hidden costs involved with studying full-time or part-time. You have to account for travelling and living expenses if your college or university isn’t near your home. Then there are also other temptations like the campus cafeteria. None of this will be an issue if you study from the comfort of your own home. 

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How to Make Distance Learning Work

Distance learning is not easier or more difficult than studying full-time. It’s supposed to be a more convenient or flexible solution for students who can’t make it to class. It all depends on your lifestyle and the pace at which you learn. Here’s how to make distance learning work: 

  • Stay Connected – Join online study groups to get help and support from your peers. Distance learning institutions also have student portals and Facebook pages or groups where they make announcements. So make sure you stay connected to be informed. 
  • Take Advantage of Study Discounts – Most private owned institutions don’t offer bursaries. But they often reward good grades and encourage students to finish their studies in record time by giving them discounts. They sometimes even offer discounts on courses. 
  • Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help – Resources are made available to you for a reason. You should never feel like you’re inconveniencing your tutor or lecturer. They should be there to assist you
  • Get Started as Soon as Possible – Start learning and studying as soon as your study materials are couriered to you. This way you will get enough time to go through your coursework and ensure you’ve covered everything in the curriculum. 

We Go The Distance

Why not make things a little more convenient and choose a distance learning institute that goes the distance for you. We courier your books to you and offer you student support. Have a look at our courses and get in touch with a course expert today.

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022