2021 Matric Exam Timetable

The 2021 Matric Exam Timetable is finally here. What does that mean for you and your studies? Use the timetable to help plan your success and ace the exams!

The 2021 Matric exam timetable has finally been released! Now is the time to study smart and get the results you deserve. Use the timetable as a guideline to help you prepare for your final exams.

Empty classroom. Use the 2021 matric exam timetable to prepare yourself for the final exam.

2021 Matric Exam Timetable and Dates

Exams will officially start on 27 October 2021, and the last paper will be written on 7 December. The dates have been amended to give students who are eligible the chance to vote. 

This is a combined exam, which means that students who were scheduled to write their Senior Certificate exams in the May/June 2021 period, will be allowed to write the November exams. They will write along with the candidates who registered for the October/November 2021 exams. 

Students who registered to write the October/November 2021 Exams can expect to write two papers for Business Studies and Accounting. Those who registered for the May/June 2021 exams will only write one paper for Business Studies and Accounting.

Admission Letters

All registered students will receive an official admission letter by the end of September 2021 to confirm the details. This letter will contain your exam number, list of subjects you will write, as well as the exam centre or school you will write your exams.

Please note that the Computer Applications Technology (CAT), Information Technology (IT), Performing Arts and Visual Arts and Design will be written way ahead of the final exams. 

In the meantime, you can access your 2021 Matric Exam timetable here.

Matric 2021 Exam Release Date

All your hardwork will pay off soon. Expect to celebrate or make alternative plans early February 2022. This is when your exams results will be officially available to you. The late release of exam results won’t ruin your chances of furthering your education after matric. 

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022