Students with no Matric

If you are under the impression that you can’t further your studies without a Matric certificate you are wrong! Not having a Matric does not mean that you can’t get a good qualification and a good job.

At Skills Academy you can study without a Matric! The majority of our courses are open entry – meaning you only need the ability to read and write in English.

Here is a list of courses you can apply for with no Matric:skillsacademy-students_with_no_matric_01 (2)

The truth about Matric

There are many accredited colleges in our country where you can study great courses without a Matric certificate.

  • Only half of all pupils who started their school education end up sitting in a Matric class. The other half all drops out of school somewhere along the line or leave for personal reasons.
  • A Matric certificate does not mean you have all the skills you need for a certain job or even the skills that employers are looking for to give you a job. Students have to complete certain courses to attain the right skills for certain jobs.

What is the next step if you want to go to University?

To meet any university’s entrance requirements you have to have a Matric certificate or pass an entry exam. If a student does not pass the university’s entrance exam or meet the minimum requirements, he/she will not be accepted.


If you are not accepted at a university because you don’t have a Matric certificate, you still have other options. You can enrol at an FET college if you don’t have Matric.


Students smiling because they can further their studies with no matric.At an FET college you can enrol for any course with a NQF 3 level. Once you have completed the NQF 3 course successfully, you can move on to an NQF 4 level course. All NQF Level 3 courses are open to students who have passed Grade 10 or 11. Once you obtain an NQF level 4 qualification, you are on the same academic level as someone who has passed Grade 12! In other words, you can still get a qualification that is equal to a Matric certificate if you study at an FET college and pass an NQF level 4 course!